For more than 25 years of excellence in delivering capacity building programs to Regional offices, Local Government Units, and other concern stakeholders, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) through the Local Government Academy (LGA) is true to its commitment towards the achievement of inclusive growth of the country. It provides learning opportunities for DILG Regional and Provincial offices, and Local Government Units (LGUs) Interventions to aid gaps and reduce bottlenecks were carefully formulated and scrutinized to achieve desirable outcome. As the primary arm of the Department in delivering capacity building programs, the Academy builds a more sustainable local development.


Gaps identified in implementing capacity-building programs brought the inception of the Local Governance Resource Center (LGRC). It institutionalizes the commitment of the organization to support and enhance the capability Regions to LGUs in managing their affairs and services through sharing of information, knowledge management, (KM), convergence, and innovations. The Academy assumes a strategic role creating a platform for convergence in delivering capacity development for LGUs, hence, the creation and establishment of LGRRCs in all regions of the country. Initially, LGRRCs were established in selected regions followed by an expansion to all 17 regions of the archipelago.


In 2005, Local Governance Regional Resource Center (LGRRC) was instituted to serve as a dynamic and interactive capacity development platform for selected regional offices of DILG with the support from Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The formation of LGRRC carries an immense opportunity to harmonize capacity development being implemented in DILG regional offices and LGU. And in 2009, European Union (EU) supported the establishment LGRRCs 17 regions. To date they are 17 regional and one (1) national LGRC in the country. The concept of LGRC evolves from a perceived platform for capacity development interventions to a way of life in DILG.