The LGRC has four (4) services that support its founding principles of convergence point, knowledge management strategy, and multi- stakeholdership approach. These services are the (1) Capacity Development, (2) Multimedia, (3) Public Education and Citizenship, and (4) Linkage. Each has important role in achieving the primary purpose of the LGRC. The Multi-media serves as repository of local governance knowledge products and information, and a platform for various multi- media services and ICT support for program/ project/ activity implementation. Capacity Development, on the other hand, serves as venue to facilitate the delivery of quality, strategic, and responsive capability building to target recipients. Linkage service is a platform that will facilitate partnership and networking of LGUs with other local government stakeholders. It promotes collaboration with key partners that fosters a more holistic approach in solving issues and conflicts. With public education and citizenship, good local governance practices and innovations can be promulgated effectively.