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Creating Synergy towards Effective Program Implementation

Officials from DILG Regional offices in the country convened last August 7- 8, 2014 at the Rembrandt Hotel in Quezon City. Sixty-six (66) of the target participants composed of Assistant Regional Directors, LGCDD Chiefs, LGMED Chiefs, FAD Chiefs, and Regional Accountants attended the forum Mid-Term Program Harmonization and Dialogue. With the theme “Creating Synergy towards Effective Program Implementation”, the activity’s intention was to ensure smooth and harmonized program implementation through innovative approaches.

Executive Director Marivel C. Sacendoncillo of Local Government Academy (LGA) talked about the need to rethink DILG’s role in response to the diversified needs of the local government. She said the role of DILG is to link those who need services to the service providers through the LGRC, and not to compete with other providers of Capacity Development. She emphasized DILG’s role of addressing a need or a demand for a service that nobody else is providing, such as LGPMS. Finally, she said that the DILG is the Local Governance Resource Center (LGRC); LGRC is not just a physical center. LGRC is anywhere there is someone from DILG.

Participants became aware of the common issues faced by different regions and shared the strategies that they came up with to address those issues. They were able to express their individual perceptions of LGRC and were able to level off their understanding of what the LGRC is.

 The Local Government Academy is looking towards institutionalizing a regular meeting or dialogue with the target stakeholders, and this activity was the kick-off of the said plan. Outputs from the workshops will serve as a take off point in the next quarterly meetings.