Strengthening Local Governance Resource Centers (LGRCs) as Harmonizing Mechanism for Effective Local Governance in the Philippines Project

To realize the LGRC vision, LGA had undertaken crucial steps in consolidating and sharing the wealth of knowledge and information on local governance. With the implementation of the “Strengthening Local Governance Resource Centers (LGRCs) as Harmonizing Mechanism for Effective Local Governance in the Philippines Project” (from August 2009 until August 2013)which was supported by the European Commission, the LGRCs were further strengthened and positioned in a more strategic role.The Projecthad been jointly undertaken by the LGA and DILG Regional Offices. The partnerships dwelt on creating LGRC visibility, policy advocacy and baseline knowledge on how to effectively deliver the needed capacity building programs and services for the LGRCs.


Focused on achieving its goal to further enhance capacity of LGUs through the LGRRCs in the regional offices of the DILG, the LGRC project supported collaboration, convergence and multi-stakeholder participation in local governance to encompass all other areas for support fostering Knowledge Management, Institutional Development, Team Development, Capacity Development Programs and Services, ICT Development, Networking and Participation, and Monitoring and Evaluation. Guided by the refined logical framework based on key result/outcome area targets, the Project has enabled the LGRCs in scaling up towards excellent local governance operations through ensuring synergy, convergence and multi-stakeholder participation with the mainstreaming and integration of Knowledge Management in the operations of the DILG and its various clients and stakeholder-beneficiaries.


To date, the project has been continuously equipping the 18 LGRCs (1 National LGRC and 17 LGRRCs) of which more than majority if the LGRC’s are now fully operational servicing all the LGUs and their multi-stakeholders in the 80 provinces, more than 1700 municipalities, 220 cities and approximately 42,000 barangays.

In scaling up the LGRCs to become more interactive, fast and upbeat, the project has been instrumental in supporting the partners and stakeholders through upgrading and equipping the LGRRCs with appropriate tools and technologies, both to complement and supplement their management and operations of the centers.